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Getting ready for the Big Row- 27th January 2018


With 3000 miles to cover, extreme weather conditions and isolation;  training and preparation for the row is key to succeed. Yet even with that, there are no guarantees that an unexpected event will not cut your race short.


Over the next few blog posts, we will go into our preparation for the big row. The posts will cover our physical training, nutrition, RYA courses, sleep patterns, mental preparation and a lot more!!


Let’s start off with a brief introduction to our physical training tactics:


In recent years, we have seen a shift in the type of onshore training performed by the winning teams. Until a few years ago, the general consensus was to put on as much fat as possible before the race and spend hours on a rowing machine doing long continuous sessions. The idea behind this was to build up energy reserves (fat) to be used up during the race where even the 6,000kcal per day diet resulted in a 15-20kg weight loss in just over one month!!

Rowing for hours on end was thought to help get the muscles used to continues efficient movements.


In the 2016 and 2017 race, we have seen a very different approach to the training with muscle mass and functional fitness being prioritised. This has had a phenomenal effect, when combined with favourable weather, on the times taken. World records have been broken three years in a row from 40 days, 2 hours, 38 minutes in 2015 to a mere 29 days, 14 hours and 34 minutes!!


The rowers are still experiencing huge weight loss throughout the row, as their muscles are being used as energy. This is due to the 6000kcal which they are ingesting, not being sufficient to sustain their energy demands. However, more muscle means more power which means the extra weight is not “unnecessary” fat.


The Nauti Buoys are working with trainers from Crossfit Aldgate to formulate a rowing specific functional program. As part of the program, the Nauti Buoys will be required to perform heavy powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastic work and high intensity cardio training on the rowing machines with occasional long sessions.


All this will be divulged in future posts so stay tuned for future updates and Nauti Tips!

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TWAC 17 - The race that had it all - 20th January 2018


Hello and welcome to the naughtiest, nicest bunch of buoys to ever attempt to row across the Atlantic!


Its been a heck of a month - Christmas, podcasting, New Year, lead sponsor coming on board! Safe to say we’re all a little bit better fed than we were a month ago, but are energised for a tough year ahead. 

Having spent time in La Gomera to watch the start of this year’s TWAC, we’re under no illusion about how hard this year will be. Every team we spoke to said the same thing: raising funds and organising the million and one things required before undertaking a challenge of this scale is even harder than the rowing. Our number one priority remains fundraising the remaining amount needed to ensure we can pay for courses, race entry fees, food, equipment, insurance, shipping fees, transport, navigational assistant etc etc etc. 


We’ve been hugely helped by IG joining us as the boat sponsor, which enables us to really focus on getting the best boat for our world record attempt - a Rannoch boat as they are clearly the fastest available. We thank IG for their support and are looking forward to attending events with their employees to explain a little more about our challenge. 

We’ve also been mega lucky to record a podcast episode with the one and only JLD for EoFire. The energy that man brings after a full day of recording is incredible - we spent the next week calming down. Check it out on 11th February when it is published, especially as JLD is offering a free copy of either of his books when anyone joins the Nauti 250. 


In between the mountains of food, endless rounds of drinks and catching up with family we’ve also started our oar sale and have launched our “Buy a Mile” page. However Christmas and being around family brought home how tough it will be when we’re alone in the middle of an ocean for Santa’s special day! That feeling was only increased watching this year’s race; the teams battling bad weather, broken boats and the inevitable blisters. 


Talking of the race - its been an epic! A brutal battle for the lead between The Four Oarsman and Team Antigua for a four man record, and Mark “The Beast” destroying every previous solo record! Then Kung Fu Cha Cha smashed the female record and became the youngest women to row across the Atlantic, although the Rowegians gave them a run for their money. We have been glued to our Yellow Bricks race tracker - refreshing the page every four hours to see what had happened. 


So what next? Time to eat even more and hit the gym - Big Paul has been setting the bar as he breaks new PBs every week so the intra-buoy competition is heating up. We also need to book our training courses and find a boat - more about that next time. 


Until then stay Nauti and remember if in doubt, do it twice just to be sure!