Nauti 250

In addition to corporate sponsorship, The Nauti Buoys are looking for individuals, friends, family members and small business to support our expedition. We are looking for 250 special people to come on board as individual supporters of The Nauti Buoys, through the donation of £250 or more to our team. These vital funds will help us reach the start line in La Gomera fully equipped for the task ahead, whilst allowing us more time to focus our efforts on fundraising.

All members of 'The Nauti 250' will have their name featured on our ocean rowing boat and the full list will be published on our website.  Additionally, each member will receive a note of thanks and photograph of the team following the completion of the race.


Buy a Mile

You can also support The NautiBuoys across their Atlantic campaign by purchasing one or more of the 3,000 miles that the team will row during their ocean crossing.

Up to 9 miles can be purchased before your donation qualifies for ‘The Nauti 250’ (please see above).

To give you an idea of how far your donation will take us:

  • 75 miles

Sold will keep us in communication with dry land through the purchase of a satellite telephone.

  • 100 miles

Sold will keep us on course and prevent us from getting lost, with the purchase of navigation equipment and the support of a land based navigator.

  • 200 miles

Sold will ensure that The Nauti Buoys have the full 7,000 calories of nutrition needed to keep us fuelled for everyday of our expedition.

  • 250 miles

Sold will keep us protected, with the purchase of an emergency life raft, medical kit, EPIRB and life jackets.

  • 300 miles

Sold will ensure we are fully trained, completing the necessary safety courses and qualifications needed before embarking on our expedition.

  • 900 miles

Sold will buy us our place in the race, covering the entry fee to the Talisker Atlantic Challenge.

  • 2,500 miles

Sold will keep us afloat in a purpose built ocean rowing boat.

All supporters of The Nauti Buoys who purchase one mile or more will be featured on the Inspiration Wall of our website.

Number of Miles

Buy an Oar

For those able to contribute more towards The Nauti Buoys Atlantic expedition, the team are selling the ocean rowing oars that will be used across their campaign. Priced at £2,500 each, any additional funds raised from this initiative will be used towards campaign overheads.

Those who purchase an oar will also receive a note of thanks and a photograph of the team at the finish line. Upon the completion of the race, The Nauti Buoys will be in contact with our supporters to arrange the collection of their oars.

To further enqueries on how you can directly support The Nauti Buoys’ Atlantic expedition in the 2018 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, please email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.